Why SuperDosing?

As you have probably noticed, the Western diet is not a diet that consists primarily of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. We eat primarily processed food and if we do eat vegetables, they are likely grown in depleted soils so we don't get the nutritional content that we did in the past. Plus, when was the last time you ate nutrient-rich organ meat or brain?

Basically, we have found that it is just about plain impossible to get optimal nutrition from food alone.

Furthermore, we believe that the human body can make amazing use of high doses of vitamins and minerals, far more than is conservatively recommended by the US government (to the detriment of its citizens). But as you have also probably noticed, supplements can be crazy expensive.

We want to fix that.

Our goal is to provide you with bulk powders, capsules, and capsule makers so that you can customize your nutritional regime while simultaneously saving up to 58% off of the normal retail price for finished supplements.

We think it's a win-win, and we look forward to helping you achieve your nutritional goals!