Capsule Machine - Make Your Own Capsules at Home

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  • Create your own combinations and potencies with whatever custom formulas you can dream up.
  • Use quality and fresh raw bulk powders to save up to 90% on your health supplements and avoid the use of binders, fillers, and excipients like magnesium stearate.
  • When using separated 00 capsules, one batch of 24 capsules usually takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.
  • Skip the nasty, bitter flavors of most powders by encapsulating in easy to swallow tablets.
  • Made from high-strength, dishwasher safe, FDA-approved materials.

The Capsule Machine for Easy Capsule Filling

Use fresh ingredients, save money, and skip out on any ingredients you don't want included in your supplements by using The Capsule Machine to fill your own size "00" capsules at home. This handy machine allows you to create your own combination formulas and control potencies to suit your specific needs. Easy to follow directions are included on the box.

Save Money!

Buying bulk powders is generally 50-90% cheaper than buying pre-made supplements. For example, 1 kilogram of vitamin C is about $20 in bulk. If you were to buy 1 kilogram of vitamin as tablets, you would expect to pay around $60. And the savings go up as you buy higher quantities of powder.

Instructions (How it Works)

  1. Put the large part of The Capsule Machine (the base) on enclosed stand, and then put on flat bowl or plate.
  2. Separate capsules (or use separated capsules). 
  3. Push longer part of capsule, open end up, into base, and shorter part into the cover. 
  4. Pour approximately 1.5 tablespoons of powdered material into base and use the enclosed card to sweep powder over holes, filling them. 
  5. If desired, use enclosed tamping tool to compact powder, and then fill base again, repeating until capsules are to desired fullness.
  6. Place cover on base, and remove The Capsule Machine from stand. Put The Capsule Machine on flat surface and press down evenly until bottomed out. Release pressure.
  7. Remove cover. Filled capsules should be in the cover. Depress top cover evenly on both sides to eject filled capsules. 

What’s in the Package?

Each order comes with one complete Capsule Machine, which includes: stand, base, top, tamper, spreader card, and desiccant bag.