Pharma-Grade, Enteric Coated Capsules Size 00. Delayed Release Gelatin Capsules

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ACID-RESISTANT, TASTELESS & TIGHT-LOCKING, our fillable enteric gel capsules are the best fillable pills for making DIY nutritional supplements!

Skip the hassles of the other brands that will leave a bad taste in your mouth- literally! SuperDosing guarantees our pill capsules will arrive intact, carry no odors or tastes & will lock tightly so your powders won't leak out during storage & transport.

Save money by making your own nutritional supplements into handy gelatin capsules!

Our bulk pack of empty gelatin capsules makes it easy and affordable to create your own vitamins from your trusted herbs and bulk powder supplements. Our capsules come pre-sorted into their two pill halves so you don't have to take them apart before filling them. Our capsules are easy to separate and fill with your favorite supplement powders.

Tasteless, odorless empty gelatin capsules make taking vitamins or pills easy!

If you hate the taste of small tablet pills or your pet can smell that pill even through a pill pocket, try enclosing those pills in a gelatin capsule! They are easier to swallow than tablets or caplets, and your pet won't be able to smell medication through the gel shell!

How long do these gel capsules take to dissolve?

It takes about two hours depending on how recently you've eaten. For most supplements, manufacturers recommend taking them after eating to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and minimum stomach irritation.

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